Block #789 – “Square City”

Hey everyone…sorry for the delays in posting a new block.  Took my grandson to Disneyland and have been trying to get back into real life after vacation.  That’s hard to do lol.  Back to work tomorrow…such a bummer!!  Lol. Anyways…hopefully you like this one…I’m wondering if you all have the same troubles I do.  So I cut all squares exact same size yet I find myself fussy cutting alot along the way.  In other words,  I still mess up alot lol.  But I’m enjoying it and that’s all that matters until I’m an expert at least.  Have a great day.   Beautiful rainy day here in West Sacramento,  CA.  Loving it!!20161120_124938


New Blog

I’ve never created a blog before so hoping this works.   I plan on making all 1000 blocks from this book.   At first I thought I could do this in a year.  Then I woke up lol.  I’m going to take my time and when I’m FINALLY done,  I’m going to put blocks together to make a bunch of quilts for charities.  I’m creating this blog for those that want to follow my progress.  Wish me luck!20161021_171637